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To Tracey it felt like she was drowning, she couldn't breathe and already disorientated from being upside down she started thrashing about on the chain in blind panic. Font size: Tracey had never felt so helpless in her life as she hung naked off the ground, her arms still tied tightly behind her and all she could do was hang there as the other three girls were also hung up so that all five girls were swaying and bumping into each other as Katie pushed the chains as close together as she could and Tracey was acutely aware that her breasts were pushed against the girls beside her! These stories are a good example of how humans kill animals, it feels like reading an animals life to me. Johnson that she had wished he would just run his cock all the way thought her and be done with it, even now she is glad the day she feared is hear and her pussy is empty for the first time since her arrival, but not for long. Morning came and went and she was still asleep, when she finally came too she was no longer in the hay out in the barn and it wasn't day light anymore, it was becoming darker outside indicating she has missed day, she found herself inside the house laying in a bed in what appeared to be a room made up for a little girl, "Ohh no I got to get out of here" was her silent thought as she left the room and crept down the hall looking for the way out only to be seen by a man while she was sneaking passed his room, "Well its about time your up" he said to her startling her a bit. Way in the back but now moving closer to Jessica was her own mother, "Mr.

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She was shutting up shop and within a minute she was back and Tracey saw the next girl being wheeled away before it was her turn and she found herself being wheeled through the large door and into the big open area that she'd been in with Emily. I am not aroused at all by these things, but it is a great horror story. The water was almost unbearably cold and within a few seconds it was even worse as the man had picked up a hose and wash hosing the girls down with the high pressure water from that as well as the water from the shower head above. A she was instantly declared a run away and she knew what would happen to her if they ever found her, she could only travel at night since a naked girl with a tagged cunt has a low chance of survival she figured it was best to keep out of contact with all people not just the A. December 25 A story By:

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